Surface to Air: Microsoft Surface and the Coming of Windows 8

Tonight, Microsoft aired its first commercial featuring the Surface; the software company’s first branded computing device.  Entitled, “The Surface Movement”, it was a minute long dance routine set up around the notion of Click in, the sound the device’s keyboard cover makes when it connects. Reaction has been mixed on the web. Surface_2_large Some, like myself, enjoyed it for what it was a teaser commercial. Others honestly went a little nuts in decrying it for not being an infomercial. The commercial follows up the viral street campaign Microsoft has been doing since the announcement of the tablet four months ago.The Surface commercial is Microsoft second commercial around Windows 8; the first was the Countdown video aired this weekend. I’m going to imbed below.


Now the beyond the appearance of the first commercial; Microsoft has also activated Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube pages for the Surface. All of this is representative of the big push the Redmond, WA company has in store for its riskiest operating system yet. The two commercials honestly feel like the end of the warm up that has been the Windows 8 Preview or Beta. The time of arguing on changes and whether regular consumers will gravitate to the new OS is over; now it goes into the wild and will thrive or falter.

Now the other news, or rumor, is that tomorrow Microsoft will finally release the full details about the Surface tablet. Rumors were prorogated that the Surface RT, which runs Windows on ARM chipsets, would be priced around $199. This is way below other ARM based tablets which have been priced from around $499 and up. According to Paul Thurrott of WinSupersite, Microsoft will be listing prices and hopefully taking pre-orders tomorrow. I’m not so sure but, Thurrott is a well known writer on Microsoft and has solid sources, so I’m hopeful.  If the news is true it blunts any effect a possible iPad Mini announcement by Apple could have.

(The iPad mini is a long rumored 7.8 to 8 inch iPad Apple has been planning to build. Its been reported that Apple will be hosting an event on October 23 to show it off. This is the same week that Windows 8 launches and many say it will suck the air out of Microsoft’s sails. )   

And that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

images: Microsoft and the Verge


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