Puck Watching

I wanted to make a medium sized post.

A lot of Technology analyst attention has been on Windows 8 adoption in the enterprise. Its an understandable place to look because a major part of Windows income comes from businesses upgrading software. And its not a surprise that analyst firm Gartner found that the Enterprise isn’t looking at adopting Windows 8 at this time. Mind you the results make great copy.

The reality not so much.

For one large businesses are slow adopters of technology. Think about the glacial pace of Windows adoption from XP to 7. Businesses have far different needs than small businesses and consumers. Also enterprises tend to skip versions of OSs. Windows Vista was skipped almost entirely by large business which maintained and maintain Windows XP. Right now many companies are migrating or planning moving to Windows 7; stopping that and jumping to Windows 8 makes no sense to them.

Or to Microsoft. I think some analyst forget that Microsoft’s advice to businesses is to continue Windows 7 deployments already going on. I think a better and more logical study should be done on tablet adoption. Windows 8’s main focus is on mobile devices; tablets and hybrids. Right now various companies, governments, and schools are adopting tablets for various functions. From becoming Point of Sale devices to maps for pilots This is a place where the iPad has made inroads and where Microsoft hopes to compete with both Windows 8 and Windows RT.

It is in these mobile scenario where Windows is now playing and its where I think analysts need to look.


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