Pixel on Canvas: Fresh Paint


I have this list in my head of applications that should be ported to Windows 8 as touch applications. One of the biggest one’s I wanted to see was called Project Gustav.

Project Gustav was a Microsoft Research project aimed at better understanding how to recreate

The result is a program that recreates the act of painting; from the way the brush interacts with the canvas to even paint strokes. Now between the first time I saw Gustav, which was at Microsoft’s TechFest, the project has gone through two revisions. First was Microsoft Digital Art which was as much a art project as it was a product rebranding. Microsoft Digital Art was installed in the Museum of Modern Art or MOMA as an interactive installation.

The second version is Fresh Paint. Fresh Paint is Project Gustav as a product. The application has moved from Microsoft Research to the Startup Group. Hopefully the video I’m embedding shows up and the people behind Fresh Paint can tell you better than I how it works.



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