I Want The iPhone 5…….And I Want it NOW

Anyone remember that scene in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory where Veruca Salt (the rich, bratty girl) broke out into song singing I Want It Now? It was an homage to her wanting instant gratification.

(Don’t worry if you didn’t I’ve provided a visual aid)



It seems some days that is all anyone who is even a little tech obsessed seems to do lately; they want the newest toy now and with these features. We saw it in the reviews of the iPhone 5 and you read it in the comment sections. Its not enough to be the next product, we want the next BIG product. We want the feel the same exact feeling of excitement and the sense that what we stayed overnight in line for will revolutionize our existence. And if we don’t get it; prepare to read about it, then see a rant about it on whatever social media site you frequent.

I’m not going to lie I fall into this too; for me it was the Courier. Man it still hurts………..


Part of me blames the tech industry. Yes I blame Apple and Google and all the others who spent the last decade building up the Consumer Computer industry with a steady flow of gadgets and “innovations”. They trained a whole generation of users to expect new hardware or new software every time something was announced. I also blame us users for not thinking about what we’re buying and buying the hype. I mean at some point the process on which features are added slows and what we have left is a period of iteration or refining the thing we have.

We have kind of become greedy and even gluttonous about technology. Tech fans can be like that dog in Up; someone says SQUREL and we jump. I mean we run with the slimmest of rumors. I mean before the iPhone 4S came out people made actual rendered models of the iPhone 5. Just tonight I was reading people theorizing about hidden features in the leaked copy of the Windows Phone 8 SDK.

There is a fine line between speculation and self delusion and some days it seems as if the technology blogosphere and tech pundits like to jump it a little too much.


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