Windows Phone 8: Questions Unanswered

Okay I want to keep this real brief. There have been a number of rumors and FUD (the crunchy kind) around Windows Phone 8. Last week lack of hands on with the Lumia 920 and 820 lead to reports of Windows Phone 8 being delayed (This was rebuked by Paul Thurrott in terms of schedule on What the Tech). There was also a post by Peter Bright on Windows Phone 8’s readiness and the Software Developer Kit (SDK), that was kind of answered by Microsoft .


Now I have some questions about Windows Phone 8 that honestly no one is asking. Like was the leaked SDK that came out a few months ago the final version? And why is that not part of this conversation? I mean if that SDK was the final version then we know the new features. Things like greater control over Tile colors, new data controls for phone usage, and a new setting for kids. This leak showed off the Lens functionality showed off a week ago.




I also wonder why no one is asking about changes coming to Office? If you look at screen shots of the ATIV S announcement, the Music  and Office icons are now the rebranded versions. I’d like to know what changes, if any, has happened.


Also and this has bugged me since I’ve seen the rumors around the iPhone 5’s new connector, has Microsoft required OEMs to have a specific connector? We know both the ATIV and Lumias have the port at the bottom and the HTC 8x is supposed to have its port in the same place.


Now there are other rumors I’d like someone to answer; like Windows Phone 8 may let users create their own Hubs/folders also the ability to change the background beyond just black/white. Personally, I’d love the ability to group the Tiles on the Start screen, but Hub control is something I’ve wanted a lot longer.


So those are some of the questions and rumors around Windows Phone I want answered. What do you want to know? 


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