HTC 8X or Don’t call this A Comeback

Tomorrow HTC is expected to show off its new set of mobile devices running Windows Phone 8. According to rumors and leaks we could see up to three phones with the 8x moniker (similar to HTC’s One series of Android devices). HTC is expected to bundle Beats Audio as part of the device(s). From the one image that’s been circulating, HTC’s 8x device will follow Nokia’s Lumia line in it use of bold color to distinguish it from the competition.


 *image WP Central

It will be interesting to see what HTC does in the Windows Phone space in light of what they’ve done with Android. For those that don’t know, HTC was one of the big Windows Mobile manufacturers. It also became one of the early successes of Android which lead it to deemphasize Windows Phone. However HTC has been surpassed as an Android OEM by Samsung. Also its stock has taken hits in last few years.


What I am looking forward to is how HTC will differentiate its phones. The last Windows Phone they put out, the Titan II, was a nice phone but it cemented the idea that other than Nokia  most Windows Phone devices would get Android Hand me downs.


Now I know part of this is that OEMs like HTC already have designed these devices and its easier for them to do it this way. I also know this is also about the more locked down nature of Windows Phone coming into play; they can’t add their Sense skin or put any type of chip in their phone.  But still, it would be nice to see HTC compete with Nokia on creating devices that felt more designed for the Windows Phone platform.


So what will be seen tomorrow?


Well if this follows what we’ve seen in the ATIV S sneak peak and the Lumia 920 preview; the 8x will have a 4in. Or bigger screen, a redesign of Sense that compliments the Metro design of Windows Phone 8, and a QUALCOMM dual core chipset. I also expect Microsoft to pull another information tease with Windows Phone. At the Nokia announcement it was about the camera so I expect more of the same. Lastly, my hope is we get to see at least one app that was built for Windows Phone 8.


As always the links if you want to want follow tomorrow news

The Verge


WP Central



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