Things are About to Change: Nokia and Microsoft


Tomorrow Nokia and Microsoft will have the first unveiling of Windows Phone 8. Actually its the second unveiling; there was a developer preview a few months ago. Also this isn’t the first Windows Phone 8 device shown either; that title belongs to Samsung’s ATIV S. But nevertheless this is still the big debut.Now for those that haven’t been reading, Windows Phone 8 is the next version of Microsoft’s mobile Operating System.

The biggest news with with Windows Phone 8 is the move to Windows NT, the kernel used in Windows. This gives it greater compatibility with Windows 8 and Windows RT; it also allows the Operating System to move to chipsets that can handle multiple cores (which means little to me). Now on the surface Windows Phone 8 will see some small cosmetic changes.First, users will now be able to change the Tile sizes (small icon, regular Tile, and the Large rectangular Tile reserved for Windows). Additionally Microsoft is adding the ability for camera applications to act as filters on the phone’s camera, new messaging capability, and a new e-Wallet solution.

Beyond the changes to Windows Phone, there are the new Lumia models. Right now the rumors have that the Finnish company will show off two phones; the 920 (4.5in./4.65in. ” HD AMOLED Display with ClearBlack screen, Near Field Communication, Bluetooth 3.0, Wi-Fi, expandable memory, Wireless Inductive charging, 8MP Carl-Zeiss rear camera with PureView technology, 2MP front-facing camera, Dual-core 1.5GHz CPU, 1GB of RAM, and 32GB of storage) and the 820 (4.3” HD AMOLED Display with ClearBlack technology, Near Field Communication, Bluetooth 3.0, Wi-Fi, expandable memory, removable back plate, optional wireless inductive charging, 8MP Carl-Zeiss rear camera, 2MP front-facing camera, and a Dual-core 1.5GHz CPU)  

So what are my predictions for tomorrow’s announcement:

Well outside of application exclusives; look for Nokia to talk about its PureView imaging technology. Now one of the early rumors (which came with its own picture) had Nokia making a Lumia PureView phone. Now PureView is a image technology Nokia put into a phone last year which had a 41 mega pixel sensor and other tech making it one of the best phone cameras on the market. My guess is that Nokia won’t put such a big sensor in these devices but will put the technology into the phones. How well the public will take this news remains to be seen. I should also note that this event is just the start of Nokia news; this week Nokia developer conference, Nokia World, will also be kicking off over in Europe.

Now Tom Warren over at the Verge along with WPCentral have been cataloguing the news and rumors for the last few weeks and the links below are to some of their articles:

Nokia, Windows Phone 8 and New York City – Our rumor roundup and what we are expecting– WP Central

Exclusive: Nokia Lumia 920 to include wireless charging, 32GB storage, and 8-megapixel camera- The Verge

Nokia’s last chance? Here’s what to expect from a huge week for Windows Phone 8- The Verge

Elop: Nokia and Microsoft unveiling all of Windows Phone 8 tomorrow- WP Central

And as with other events if you want to follow live check out the links below to follow a live blog of the event and also watch it live:

Nokia (Live Stream)

The Verge


image: @tomwarren

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