Metro Is….

As we get closer to the launch of Windows 8, one of the big worries is whether developers will jump, but another worry is whether Metro can be a compelling design that’ll attract users. Now you can think about Metro in two ways. One, is that all you have to do to make an app “Metro” is have a brightly colored tiled, a bit of lettering, and an icon from the Noun Project. The other entails thinking about color, typography, imagery, and animation. Both describe Metro, but the first is about getting the Aesthetics, the latter is about getting the meaning.

And while I’d love to go into detail about what Metro is, I think a better way is to post images from Frog Design, The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and Microsoft Office Labs that to me are examples of Metro.

Gates Notes (first version)


Office Labs




Frog Design (for the New York Times)

iRiver (iRiver P35)



Litl (Litl Webbook)



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