Let’s Call the Whole Thing OFF

I’ve been thinking, maybe Microsoft would be better off selling a Windows7.8, something with the improvements of Windows 8, but without Metro. And maybe they should do a tablet UI only version of Windows 8. Also Microsoft should do a store or restrict Windows RT to only touch apps.  And since we are here, maybe they shouldn’t do Metro or combine it with something that looks like iOS (like Android); something people are familiar with. Lastly Microsoft should reconsider the Surface, I mean it alienates PC hardware partners like Acer, and they don’t want to rock the boat do they?


I asked on Twitter once if maybe Windows 8 should be made to look like iOS and Android. One guy responded by saying yes; that Microsoft didn’t have any type of design sense and the whole thing was hard on the developer. Another said it was the conflict between doing something original and offering users something familiar. And sometimes I think Microsoft should’ve taken the easy way out.

I mean its tiring reading post after post and comment after comment where someone complains about Windows 8’s support for touch over the mouse and keyboard. The multiple mentions of Metro being a Fisher Price UI or something on ADHD. Its tiresome to read people gleefully hope it fails so they can go back to the days of Windows 7; and the articles where tech and game execs lecture Microsoft on closing off he OS or making its own hardware. For me these discussions crossed over to Bitchfests; where any and everybody talks about Windows 8 as if it is the plague. And also I get tired of the putdowns on both sides; because some people defending Windows 8 can be just as stupid.

A meaningful discussion can’t be had.

Windows 8 has problems; its not a perfect experience; I worry about the ability of Windows developers to embrace Metro in a way that furthers everybody.

And everyone still debating on how well this thing works with a mouse and a keyboard.

I think part of my problem is everyone fighting over things that have been decided already. Windows 8 isn’t about the desktop; its not like Windows 7 where it was about erasing the memory of Vista. Windows 8’s Store isn’t about threatening PC gaming or killing Linux. It’s also not about pleasing Power users or users who have an unhealthy need for the desktop.

Windows 8 is about mobility; its about having a consumer product to answer the iPad. It is about creating an OS for mobile; that can sit on a tablet PC or an Ultra thin notebook. Its about moving a 20 plus years old platform forward and redesigning for the future.

People hoping to maintain the way things are now seem oblivious to the bigger picture; a future where Desktop computing is a niche reserved for work spaces. That is the place Microsoft is headed, a digital reservation for it and any OEM left standing.

And the ironic part of this is what Microsoft is doing now is what every pundit, analyst, and fanboy wanted. They wanted the company to shake it up, get into the consumer market and in software. And now that they are, people want to go back. They want to be eased in. But its a little late for that.    

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