Old Wars

I keep asking myself why I read (and sometimes post) comments on Tech sites.

Now I know why I do; its a combination of wanting to have discussions on topics I like and sometimes pointing out things people misunderstand (there is probably medication for this). But for every time I read an article and accompanying comments section I read one where that is descended into madness.

It doesn’t matter the topic, all you need is one spark and its on. Recently I was reading an article, which I’m forgetting the topic, but it only took two lines in and people stopped talking about it and debated the points of Windows 8. And it wasn’t a debate it was more like the prelude to a fight; people hurling insults, yelling at each other (ok wrote), and other inane activity.

Now this happens everywhere on the Web, but with technology it’s got a mind of its own. And the funny thing is I can tell you the exact type of words and phrases that’ll set it off. Microsoft, Apple, Google, Windows, Linux, Open, Closed, iPad/iPhone, Android are just some of the words that will get mouths frothing.

What I want to discuss isn’t the veracity of the arguments, or there validity or lack of it, but honestly the pointlessness of some of them. It’s like that old saying about old generals and wars except with nerds and gadgets. It seems that the only discussions going on are the ones started a decade ago. And its not just the arguments its every discussion around technology. It seems like everyone wants Microsoft to be Evil, Apple to set the trends, and Google not to do Evil. That open versus closed is the quintessential choice for computer buyers. And that Linux is an inherent good while Windows is a disease that must be cut out.

It is tiring reading people troll sites and start little battles that get people nowhere. Honestly we should be better than that. No one stays in the same position forever and things change. The computer buyers today are not majority nerds or tech geeks; they just want things that work out of the box. And they are calling the shots and influencing the market.

People the war is over peace has been declared, now move on  


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