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When I started to read up about software design to better talk about Microsoft’s Metro Design Language, one of the things that stood out for me was its foundation in print and graphic design. The grid system used in layout design in Windows touch applications is the same system used to create layouts on magazines and books.

For me as a non developer/designer, looking at how people create and think about graphic design has helped me better understand Metro. The importance of imagery and typography for making an attractive application. And in a lot of ways going back and studying these techniques would help a lot of developers and designers better understand Windows’ new user interface (but that’s just my opinion).

So as I said, I’ve been looking at book design and I ran across a series of posts by Craig Mod about books and E-book design; also designer Chip Kidd’s TED Presentation on creating book covers. Both are interesting looks at the design of bookmaking in both the physical and digital.

I found Mod’s post intriguing because of his work with Flipboard (he was a product designer) and also his ideas and thinking on digital books. His post Hack the Cover is an interesting look at how the cover has been changed by technology. Another post provides a look at what happens when you take a digital App and make it a book.

Hack the Cover

Flipboard for iPhone

Books in the Age of the iPad

Chip Kidd, is a writer and graphic designer and associate art director at book publisher Knopf. Kidd is best known for his book cover artwork of which best known is the Jurassic Park cover. His TED talk is on designing book covers; more to the point it is about how designers use the cover to illustrate what the book is about.


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