I Just Want to Enjoy Technology

You know it’s funny how you can geek out on something and at the same time wage what amounts to a religious war. It could be about TV shows, politics, Comics, or Technology but at some point someone will cross the “Your Mother” line and it will be on.

And you know sometimes that’s fun; especially if its done with respect and good humor. Often times its not and in those times I hate hate going to any tech site. Whether its a post or the comments section; sometimes the bile is too much.

I mean, I apologize for liking Microsoft;  using and liking its products; and finding what it does and going hard after Google and Apple. I hope that what you read from me is balanced and informative and sometimes well written.

But most of all I want you to enjoy technology because that’s why I write about it and read about it. This stuff is interesting and sometimes transformative but it sometimes feels like there is more FUD being spread than anything else. Now this isn’t about criticism, that’s wanted and necessary. What’s not is trolling, hit pieces, and blatantly badly researched stories.

And another thing. I’ve read and had brief discussions with developers, mostly around Windows 8, and from some of them I get real hostility toward the changes. Now Metro isn’t for everybody but neither is Android or iOS, and if you are having an issue with them then maybe its best to leave it alone and go your own way. I mean for example a person I follow on Twitter doesn’t like Windows 8 and will post articles or what other people say despairing it or Metro. And I really want to say to them why don’t you not develop for the platform, you’ll be happier.

And that’s what I guess this post was about, enjoy technology and don’t waste your time sweating the stuff you don’t like and won’t use 

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