Little Green Robots Eating Jelly Belly’s: Previewing Google I/O 2012

Tomorrow will start Goggle’s three day I/O conference and like with WWDC and the Windows Phone Summit I wanted to toss my two cents in.

Apple’s WWDC was all about incremental improvements to iOS, there was  no new iPhones or Pads; and the big new was the 15 inch Retina MacBook Pro. Last week Microsoft showed off Windows Phone 8 (which confirmed rumors) and dropped a bomb into geeks lap with the announcement of it’s own branded Surface devices; adding to Windows 8’s reputation as a disruptive force  (and I love it for that). Now it’s Google’s turn.

If Apple is facing the question of what’s next; and Microsoft having to prove that can they catch up; then Google’s issue is with controlling platform fragmentation, forking, and growth. Right now the only things anyone can agree on is that tomorrow we’ll see Android 4.1 aka Jelly Bean (I really hate cutesy codenames; Jelly bean is not a geeky cool codename). Reports are saying that I/O will also see Google showing of their own branded Nexus tablet aimed at undercutting Amazon’s Kindle Fire and Barnes and Noble’s Nook (which may explain why they settled with Microsoft).




So what will go down when the lights come up in the Moscone Center?

Well I’ll jump on the bandwagon and say It’ll be raining Jelly Beans; my best guess is Jelly bean is either a slight update from Android 4.0 and adds under the hood features; or it continues the work Mathias Duarte has done in creating an experience less related to the iOS imitation of yore. Secondly we will see a seven inch Nexus tablet. According to the rumors it’ll be coproduced with Asus; so expect to see new tablet specific apps. One thing I expect we will see is a focus on showing Android as a real tablet platform. I also expect Google to go into depth about Google Plus; especially it’s deal with Flipbook. So if you happen to be at I/O expect a phone and a tablet under your seat.

Beyond Android, Google will likely show Google Glasses; showing off the UI and probably revealing release dates. I’m also expecting to get updates on Google TV (both Vizio and SONY have new devices) and Android automated programs (which were shown off last year). Last prediction, at some point Chrome OS will be brought out and Google will show of the redesign Browser as OS; this time looking like a cross between the desktops of Windows and OSX. I’m suspecting with the addition of Palm WebOS team, that the talk will be around a possible SDK to make Chrome web apps a lot more like traditional programs (and also when Chrome and Android become one).

Bonus Prediction: GigaOM wrote that Google would show off its Cloud service competitor to Amazon and Microsoft; I think it will be about App Engine and maybe its web native client.

And that’s it. I hope you enjoy I/O. (I also hope they keep their little snide jokes, talk of openness, and Googly-ness to a damn minimum)

And as always this is where you can go to see what you can see:

The Verge


Google I/O Live Stream (YouTube)

image: The Verge


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