The Shape of Things to Come

You know sometimes its good to remember to keep things in perspective.

That sometimes big events are sometimes just days on a calendar.

Over the weekend I realized something about Windows 8; that the OS is an unknown quantity outside of us tech nerds, writers, bloggers, and analysts. And that for many the Microsoft Surface announcement was the first time Windows 8’s name was heard.

Let’s just say the reaction to it on the news was painful to watch if you’re a fan of Windows 8 or tech journalism. Most of the commentary was on the Surface as an iPad killer (dreaded words); there were the required Zune/Kin jokes (which is funny because most of these people never used either; Zune forever people) and talk about the keypad.

Reading some of the articles online, you get the sense that none of the writers took any time to look up what Windows 8 was (including some who should have). So there were multiple mentions of Windows 8 and Windows RT being totally different OSs and that no one would write for RT (despite the fact that Windows RT’s name come from the shared Run Time). And yes I even read the numerous Surface is a Failure and Why the iPad has nothing to fear from the Surface.

But I also read articles in which people are talking about using the Surface in healthcare, gaming, and just seeing this as a positive. And the funny thing is none of them knows that the Surface is only leading the charge for the coming of Windows 8.

All this news should comfort OEMs. The first tablet running Windows 8 was a beautiful device people want to play with; a nice flag bearer for a new OS.

And if you need anymore evidence that the Surface is having an effect; Saturday at a local Best Buy, a lady decided she didn’t want an iPad now because she was interested in buying the Surface; and in fact the salesman said quite a few people came in with the same question


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