The Briefest Post: The Last Mile

At the beginning of the new Battlestar Galactica; it said in the intro the Cylons had a plan; we never really found that plan out but at least we knew they had one. In reading about Microsoft and the changes coming to both Windows and Windows Phone, writers and bloggers cite many reasons for the change; many say it’s a fear of Apple (which is partly true). But one of the things never discussed as a reason is that moving it’s business and consumer offerings to the same platform just makes life simple; and that the goal of all this groundwork is to unite the platform.

People say that the mobile game is a war of Ecosystems and Microsoft agrees.  this is why Windows and Windows Phone will share the same kernel and why the Windows Run Time is built on both Intel and ARM. It’s about creating a unified back end developers can write to without a lot of hoops.

Its why the most important goal of Windows Phone is that it joins together all of the Microsoft ecosystem in one place. And this is why in the next year we will see the final tracks being laid with the Xbox.

The Xbox’s role is to be the entertainment arm; it’s the place where you can listen to music, watch video, or play games. It’s Microsoft greatest and only consumer asset and will be put into greater focus as the year goes on.

Prediction: This year will see the Xbox become not just integrated into Windows and Windows Phone more; Microsoft will likely begin moving the platform onto the NT kernel and opening it up for applications. And these applications will be portable to Windows and Windows Phone.


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