I Left My Heart in San Francisco (But not My Windows Phone)


Tomorrow the last of the Microsoft Trilogy will begin in San Francisco. What began at E3 and hit the crescendo yesterday with the premier of the Microsoft Surface will end with a possible look at Windows Phone 8.

The Windows Phone Summit will be a one day affair and will provide a look at the next version of Windows Phone (codenamed Apollo). In leaks discovered by Pocket Now and confirmed by Win Supersite; Apollo will see Microsoft add chipsets beyond Qualcomm, increase screen sizes, and add new capabilities to increase traction with Phone makers and Mobile carriers. The bigger news is that Apollo will switch the platform to Windows NT (the OS running on the desktop); in fact Apollo will see support for Native Code and C++ with the introduction of Windows RT (basically Windows 8).

Questions abound about what role Nokia will play since the deal they have with Microsoft gives them a stake in the Windows Phone ecosystem. And after yesterday’s introduction to the Surface, I wonder if the hardware they show Apollo on won’t have a made in Redmond sticker.




My hope is that tomorrow, Microsoft shows some major strides with the Windows Phone platform; which despite critical praise hasn’t seen traction. I’m hoping that they have done some cosmetic changes to the Metro interface to go along with the internal changes (refine the design of applications and tiles). Also I hope they have improved on basic services, particularly with Xbox and camera functions.

It will be important that Microsoft speak to and address weak points in the platform; things like carrier and hardware support, business features, and applications.

So tomorrow we shall see if Microsoft can leave its heart in San Francisco and show off something great.

As always, links to live blogs and this time to Paul Thurrott’s Win Supersite which will go in depth on Windows Phone coverage:

The Verge



Channel 9 (live stream)

Image: Jonas Dahnert  ZDNet


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