X Marks The Box


I do not know what is going on with the people who work at One Microsoft Way, but they have had their name in the news like they landed on the FBI Most Wanted List.

Let’s review Last week we saw the first Windows 8 devices at Computex, Xbox Smart glass, and updates on Windows 8 for business. This week was all about leaks and mysterious events; including a preview of Windows Phone 8, an event that may or may not be about a Microsoft branded tablet, and know a leaked PowerPoint about the next Xbox.

The leaked presentation, which I believe is about two years old, gives a glimpse at Microsoft’s battle plan for the Xbox on both the gaming and entertainment front. A lot of the information provided seems to be inline with recent moves; such as Smartglass and a focus on entertainment content. Of note for folks who have an interest in more inside baseball facts, you get to look at the thought process of a company have to compete with various groups in different categories. Of particular note is how they break down the goals of the next Xbox against its competitors. From the slides, Microsoft will be opening up the Xbox for applications with a concentration on content.

Just as interesting, is the plans Microsoft have for Xbox and Kinect. The main hardware would see a natural upgrade (on the slide listed as Xbox 720). From reports, the design of the 720 is to make it fit more into the living room. The 720, according to slides, will have features such as Blu-ray, cloud storage , 1080p support, 3-D support, and support for peripherals. The new console may be based on ARM or x86 (Intel); meaning that the underlying software will be switched over to Windows NT. The last part maybe why the creator of NT, Dave Cutler, is working in the Xbox group. The Kinect will see a refresh/redesign with improve support for stereo imaging, voice recognition, and four player tracking. The 2nd version of Kinect looks to be getting peripheral support and accessories (like SONY’s Move). The last bit of hardware is a pair of glasses codenamed Fortaleza, which looks to be playing in the same space as Google Glasses and will be both for gaming and other experiences. (and all this for $299)


What’s apparent from the leaks is that Microsoft is on a mission to make Xbox a one stop product for entertainment; both gaming and TV.

Before signing out, the Scribd copy of the PowerPoint has been withdrawn.

Here are links to articles which go into more lovingly detail than I:

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images: The Verge


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