This is Madness, No this IS WINDOWS

I am at the point where I don’t really care what people think about Windows 8. I’m just ready for this to be over. But I’m not going to lie, it’s fascinating reading the discourse (or lack of) about the changes coming this Fall. On the topic of Windows 8 (really Metro) there is no real middle ground; you are either with the power users or against them. The thing about the discussion is that it has kind of happened  away from civilized computer civilization aka those who sit behind the Apple and use the Droid. Occasionally you get the article where Windows 8 will a.) Fail b.) Fail hard or c.)Is too late to make a dent because Apple and/or Android already exists. As of now Windows 8 has gone through three previews (betas); recently it was the Release Preview.

However as we move closer to Windows 8 sitting on selves and on devices; the reality of what’s about to happen is sinking in. Windows is changing and a the vast majority in tech are not going to know what to do with it.

Now two articles I think best illustrate the thinking going on in the last stretch; one is by Mobile Opportunities Michael Mace Fear and Loathing and Windows 8,and the other is by AnandTech’s Anand Lal Shimpi Acer’s Iconia W700 Ivy Bridge Windows 8 Tablet: The Start of Something Big.

One best encapsulates the pleasures and pain of the new platform while the other highlights the possibilities of Windows 8

I find it funny that so many people have a disconnect with the premise of Windows 8; it seems as if Windows 8 is a foreign idea. Now these same people will take an iPad or Android tablet and put it in a laptop dock. Something you can do with Windows 8. Why is it valid to use a mobile OS and stretch it versus using a desktop OS, especially If you optimize it like you do with a mobile system?

Or put in another way, if Apple’s use of the phone OS as it tablet OS works, and this is the right way to do it, why hasn’t it really worked for anyone else?

See the trick with the iPad is while it is a giant iPhone, Apple has never treated it as one. In fact Apple treats it and the iOS platform as a PC platform and they restrict developers from just porting an application up from a simple phone app. It’s why they harp about the iPad as a Post PC device; they want it to be your main computer.

So yes its a tablet, and people use it as such, but this whole business of supplying keyboards and docs didn’t spring up from nothing. Users are going for a hybrid solution, a tablet PC use solution.

And Microsoft is doing the same with Windows 8. If the tablet falls between a Smartphone and a laptop, then its closer to the laptop if for nothing else the size of the screen let’s more content show up on the screen. There is another reason Windows 8 is designed the way it is; a reason power users can’t avoid Metro, so it won’t be ignored. Windows Phone is lauded in the tech press for its design, but is ignored by hardware makers, cell carriers, and the public. The Apple model doesn’t work. And they need to be in this space as soon as possible. They also need to take the conversation away from Apple’s mobile strength and onto their own; no one going to look at you if you’re playing by Apple’s rules.

In the end it doesn’t matter people will either buy or they won’t; simple as that. If this fails, people will get what they want, another desktop system. But what if Windows 8 does well?

Now that would be cray.

(And in case you thought I couldn’t tie it together)


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