WWDC: The Briefest Prediction in the World


So tomorrow Apple will hold it’s annual Worldwide Developer’s Conference aka WWDC aka the day the world stops with baited breathe to see what new wonder Apple will give us. Many tech pundits are expecting to here about new devices, particularly about one shiny little thing called the iPhone 5. There’s also the possibility that Apple could show off a refresh/redesign of its current MacBooks and MacBook Airs. The only thing certain is Apple will be discussing iOS 6 (because someone leaked a picture with the iOS 6 banner being hung). I imagined a day of laughter, song, and jokes about Android and Windows.

So I promised a brief prediction for WWDC and here it is; Apple will discuss and show iOS functions aimed at businesses and discuss iPad/Phone impact on business. (See I told you brief).  

If you want to catch coverage of WWDC here are some links (Apple usually doesn’t do live streams but will probably have a video of what happened after the fact at Apple.com)

The Verge




and before I go a link to How the Grinch Stole WWDC

image credit GdGt.com


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