Trinkets and Tools

I think I’m at a certain crossroads with technology; I enjoy it and I enjoy reading about it but sometimes I think I get to caught up in the small wars that spring up over it. If you like a product it seems you have to constantly defend your choice; you have to pick a side. You can’t just enjoy the thing you buy or use. On the same token it’s hard to get meaningful critiques without someone’s biases leaking out; or even to try to look at things from a bigger picture.


I know that this is the case for me sometimes.


Lately I feel that as much as I like and admire the people who create the things we use on PCs, phones, and tablets (and deeply want them to bring those things to the platforms I like); I feel like all they make are trinkets, digital toys for the grown children of the first world.


Now don’t get me wrong I love the apps that have been springing forth from Seattle and Silicon Valley; and I again implore them to come to the Windows platform. But some of the biggest apps out there are either things that will not be around in the long run or applications that would be better served as product feature. Something like Instagram or even Dropbox are feature sets; yes they can be made into businesses but most of them are just looking to get ac-hired by Google or Facebook.


The other problem I have in looking at some of these firms is their seeming fear to grow  up. Sometimes reading the articles about companies in the California Valley, I get the sense that perpetual start-up stands for pre-me for life. I can understand the rush that comes from building a product, but what’s wrong we creating a business?


And its not helped that there are like 15 companies designed around one type of app or the sketchiest of use cases (Color). And all of it seems to involves mobile of the iDevice variety (iPhones and iPads); not a lot of talk about the web anymore.


I don’t know, but it seems like every brilliant mind in the world is more concerned with the perfect filter app than in moving technology forward or using it to create a bigger impact.


But what the hell do I know , I just write this blog. 


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