Viewing the World through Apple Colored Glasses

There is this undercurrent in technology analysis and reporting in which writers and analysts view the whole of computing threw an Apple lens. To be more precise Apple is used as a comparison point or ruler against which all other companies are judged. Because of its rapid rise within the last decade Apple is the dominant computer brand. So they get the attention; its moves are closely scrutinized and a lot of its business decisions are viewed as necessary steps for any company. 

Its only logical that those who jobs are to predict what’s next use Apple as the gold standard; they are successful. However I think hemming to close to Apple; viewing moves within the computer industry from within this context are unhealthy and worse shortsighted. For example Wall Street couldn’t get a good read of the actual numbers (re. the consumer computer industry) until they removed Apple. Apple is a consumer technology company. It business is built around selling directly to the customer. And while it has an incredible market cap and its shares are impressive; Nokia is still the number one worldwide Mobile maker. Microsoft’s Windows business still brings in billions of dollars.

The issue I have is that by primarily placing, concentrating, and viewing everything by asking What Would Apple Do? they forget to ask what is best for company X. Yes everybody in tech has to compete with Apple, but they have to find their own way to do it. And yes some of Apple’s tactics could be and should be implemented by others; different tactics should not be dismissed outright.

The future of computing is about ecosystems but also similar services offered by companies, similar hardware. This means that we need to move beyond Apple centric or Google centric thinking and view computing within a larger context.   


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