BLEEP or Sh*t People Say about Windows 8

Maybe we just want an iPad for Windows. I think that what will make everyone happy. Better yet lets resurrect Longhorn and up the skeumorphism to eleven. I keep joking that Microsoft should tweak the UI and load times of Windows 7 and release it as Windows 7Plus.

I really don’t want to keep harping on this argument about Windows 8 and the desktop; long story short Windows 8 is about tablets, convertible PCs, and mobile experiences. That’s it; end of story.

You don’t like the Metro UI, wait a while and someone will make a hack to change it or get rid of it and give you back the (precious) start menu. You want something resembling a Windows Mobile tablet, buy an Android device. Don’t want icky old x86, buy a Windows on ARM device. Mad that they changed Windows; that they stuck that kiddie OS on it; stick to Windows 7, go Linux, or buy a damn Mac.

Here are some quick responses to the Shit people say about Windows 8

It doesn’t support multiple monitors.

Yes it does just not in the way you want.

Metro apps suck, I want to (insert here).

First Metro apps are not Win 32 they are based on WinRT. Second, they are touch based applications and aren’t for desktop use. Third they don’t run on the desktop on purpose to maintain battery.

Metro is too constraining; I need to have a 100 windows opened simultaneously.

This is a constraint; a constraint is having a Chromebook and realizing it’s a browser.

Why can’t I have a tablet that runs Windows Phone?

Because that plan worked SO well for HP, Palm, and Google.

I’m sticking to Windows 7.

Thank You God!

I’m waiting for Windows 9. Still gonna need a hardware upgrade

Windows 8 isn’t for business.

So shit you right; unless you want a mobile OS that IT guys can easily plug in to your infrastructure.

Microsoft is just trying to compete with Apple.

Yes they are that’s called competition and its what you do

Why doesn’t (X) work in the Consumer Preview.

Because it is a BETA

I don’t want to touch my laptop/desktop screen.


It doesn’t do (insert desktop function).

Windows 8 is about being mobile

My parents won’t know how to use it (see look at my Dad using it on YouTube).

One stop torturing your parents, secondly see first part of Post.



(I am a butterfly drifting in the wind)


People do you. Windows 8 is coming and its coming in the form its coming in. Don’t like it, don’t buy it.

In the words of Richard Pryor have a Coke, grab a Jell-O Pudding Pop and shut the Fuck up.

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