CES 2012: Microsoft’s Last Call

Here we are together once more. How’ve you been? You look good

My apologizes for not updating.

But hey I’m here and you’re (possibly) here so let’s talk tech.


For the uninitiated today is the kickoff of the Consumer Electronic Association’s or CEA’s Consumer Electronic Show (known only by the letters CES). For the past decade Microsoft has kicked off the show with the keynote address. With tonight’s keynote Microsoft will be bowing out of the yearly trade show. Now while a lot of posts have been written about their leaving this post is what I expect and hope happens tonight.


So its your last show do you go out with a bang or a whimper? If you take what has happen in the last few years as precedent than don’t except much in the way of new information. So my prediction is first we get the numbers on Windows 7, Xbox, and the Kinect. We will probably see a small presentation of Windows Phone that will show off hardware shown earlier in the day (these would be HTC’s Titan 2 and Nokia’s Lumia 900). XBox Live TV may be shown and finally,  Windows 8 will be a focal point of the presentation.

Now here is my wish list for tonight

Windows 8 presentation shows real apps and the latest build.

Ballmer going HAM onstage (joined Bill Gates and Paul Allen on bass)

A peak at next version of Windows Phone (Metro 2.0)

A glimpse of the next version of the Xbox (and while I’m at it they could throw in a Zune HD2 with Xbox branding).

Also and this is just a late add to my predictions; Microsoft will be showing off a lot of Ultrabooks and Tablet PCs.

Show that’s my armchair play if you want to watch Microsoft is hosting the live stream on Facebook also the TWiT tech network will be providing a live cast with commentary. Thanks for reading and leave your thoughts below


Microsoft CES Keynote(Facebook) and Alternative

TWiT live Stream

 The Verge



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