MeeGo is Dead….Long live Tizen

Image from My Nokia Blog


Around this time last year Nokia and Intel were combining their collective operating systems (Moblin and Maemo) into MeeGo. Then Nokia changed CEOs and later moved to partner with Microsoft on Windows Phone. At the time of Nokia’s announcement, Intel stated it would continue with its plans for MeeGo as a platform for Netbooks, tablets, TVs, and in car systems. As late as this year, MeeGo was being shown at Computex in Taiwan and Barcelona’s Mobile World Congress. However, even as it was being demoed on tradeshows, there were news reports of Intel temporarily halting work on the OS (which Intel denied). Later the rumor was Samsung was thinking about abandoning Android to take over MeeGo, later denied by Samsung. MeeGo’s future dimmed somewhat more at Intel’s Developer Forum, with the announcement of Android adopting x86 architecture for phones and tablets. Nothing else was known about the future of the platform till now.

Today Intel and Samsung have announced the creation of Tizen, a Linux based operating system that will be based on web technologies such as HTML, Java Script, and CSS. Tizen, which will contain MeeGo, will be hosted by the Linux Foundation. Also the LiMo Foundation, a group of hardware OEMs and Mobile operators, including Panasonic Mobile and Vodafone, will also be joining the efforts. The plan looks to continue what MeeGo was already doing; which is promoting itself as an open platform for anybody to use on any number of devices. There is no news on whether this new OS will make use of QT framework as a way to write applications. I should point out that Netbook News caught an early glimpse of the changes in one of Intel’s meet ups which detailed the adding of Web technologies to Intel AppUp (their software store). With Tizen, Samsung is adding a fourth OS to its stable including Windows Phone, Android,and its own BADA.

I have to ask why is Tizen being built? From what I’ve learned about the creations of Windows Mobile, Symbian, and even Moblin operating systems built purely so they’ll be used by other companies don’t work or don’t work for long. But like everything we shall see.

Tizen is scheduled for its premier next year.


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Lastly the video I talked about earlier from Netbook News

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  1. I’ll admit it. I thought “they’re teasin’ ” when I read the announcement of the Tizen mobile OS to replace Meego.

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