When They Say “Post-PC” They’re not Talking to You

Let’s get real Apple, doesn’t care or fear their fellow computer makers. Yes they are suing Samsung, Motorola, and HTC but that is over mobile (and that includes tablets). This is strictly about PCs. When Steve Jobs gave that interview at last year’s D9 conference, the one where he says PCs are trucks and we are now in a Post-PC world, he wasn’t talking about Dell or HP. He meant Windows and Microsoft. He was saying that the type of OS that Windows, Linux, and OSX (to lesser extent) represent was not needed or wanted by the public at large. They want software that works and that they don’t need training classes to use. And that is how Apple sells itself, it just works.


Now lets go back to the OEM’s who seem to be in a small panic. To quote Hewlett-Packard’s recently ousted CEO, “The Tablet effect is real”. News reports have for months been quoted as saying there is a decrease in PCs being sold. Further many are saying that this is in part because of tablets. And the PC business is no longer profitable, manufactures are operating at a loss. That’s why HP is thinking about selling its computer division. Now all of the major computer makers have tablets in the market (except HP which took its tablet in the back and shot it). Many are running Google’s Android operating system and few run Windows. So that point about tablets biting into sales shouldn’t bother them right? Except the majority of those sales are going to the iPad. HP was the exception but only because when they killed it they sold it at $99 dollars and under.

So quick summary; Apple ain’t scared but every other maker of laptops/desktops kind of are (HP just stripped naked, rolled itself yellow paint and ran out the door).     

so why?

Simple OEM’s are not really the masters of their own fates. Their market is based of the fact they sell hardware that runs software they don’t own. They have pushed themselves down market. And they never tried to develop their own brand identities. Now many have and do try to differentiate themselves by adding software, services, and skins but these bog down the system overall (and is derided as bloat-ware). Some offer Linux software or Android but the audience for it is small (and it still relies on the current model). Hardware makers also have issues with designing computers people want. Strike that, they have great designs but only for high-end business PCs not consumers.

And I feel a little sorry for them, the OEMs. They are like Scrappy Do ready to fight and throwing punches that aren’t going to land because their arms are too short. And even in the threat of a Post PC world nobody meant them  


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