Hey Microsoft! Let’s Kill the Desktop!

One of the big complaints about Windows 8 in its earliest days (of which we are in) is that moving from the new start screen to the desktop is jarring. In fact it one of the reasons people have issues in thinking about what Windows 8 is (the desktop is there for when you want it). So I’ve been thinking about posting what I think Microsoft could do to improve the switching experience, along with other things.

And it all begins by destroying the desktop

Or better yet making it Metro. Now some traditional users would be going nuts at the thought but hear me out. I not talking about more tiles, just bring the similar aesthetics to the desktop experience. The desktop is halfway there if you look at the start button; the charm icons pop up when touched. My suggestion is to one create a charm icon to allow start button functionality but keep it where it shows up (on the right side of the screen). Also finish the job and make icons and taskbar Metro.

Microsoft needs to just abandon the traditional styling’s of past for the less detail intensive style of Metro. Users would still have their desktop which they use with a mouse and backgrounds, but the current Aero design would be gone. Also, and this is solely from using Zune software on Windows XP, Microsoft should think about making desktop programs chromeless like Metro apps. Now these desktop versions would be resizable but again without the Aero glass effects. These changes can somewhat be seen in the new Task Manager.

Now I know this would mean a total redesign of iconography but I think it will help in the long run to get power users use to the new UI. It would also make the experience uniform. Another place where Microsoft could make changes is in multitasking. Right now switching between multiple applications can be done by gesturing to the left side of the screen, bringing in the app halfway, holding, and flicking until you see the one you want. This is neither simply said or done. A quicker and easier way is to make use of the Charm panel; you swipe right(push start) and in there is an all open apps icon. This icon would allow a user to see, select, and kill all open applications. Again my goal is not to break up the new changes but refine them while keeping the overall control methods (in this case left to right).

That’s it for right now thanks for reading      


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