Windows 8 Rising: What to Expect from Build

In a few hours time, Steven Sinofsky, President of the Windows and Windows Live division of Microsoft, will take the covers off of Windows 8. After today the big questions will be answered and the hype will either be justified or not.

I just thought I’d post a few things you may see today at the Build Conference

The first is of course Windows8 both the revised desktop and Start Screen. Anybody following the hash tag #bldwin will see glimpses of the Start Screen and desk top.

Second Xbox gaming. Again bit of a no brainer. The Xbox has become the entertainment brand for Microsoft and after its integration in Windows Phone its only natural to come to the PC. Also it has taken over the PC gaming store Games for Windows. Outside of gaming, Xbox will be one of the ways users can purchase TV shows and movies (However this may be done by the Zune Music and Video service under the Zune brand). We may even see Xbox Live TV as an option on Windows 8.

Third demos of Windows applications. Windows 8 will have a new application model built on web standards (HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript) for touch enabled applications. I expect Microsoft will have third party software vendors showing off applications built for Windows tablets.

Fourth a developer preview of Windows 8 and Internet Explorer 10. If Microsoft wants to have a solid portfolio of touch programs it needs to get the tools and system in the hands of developers so this is a given. Also since Win8 will be making use of web standards and has already put out a developer preview, expect the second IE10 preview today.

Lastly the Windows Store. In the modern tablet/smart phone game people have stores and today Microsoft will show theirs.

As you see here I’m going the safe route with my predictions (I’m really trying not to go all 7yr old on this). As much as I want to act like a proper Microsoft fanboy and go crazy and talk ish, I’m not. So enjoy Build  


If you want to watch the online broadcast go here:

Also these sites are doing live blogs: Engadget

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                                                           Ed Bott

[Note: I just wanted to point out that there has been a lot of hype around Windows8. Now part of that has come from Microsoft in the form of slogans and ads, but most has come from us in the tech fan base and media. At no time in reading the Building Windows8 Blog or in the few interviews given by the Windows team have I heard them oversell what they are doing. When I’ve read such things they have emanated from us; the fan boys and girls and tech sites. We have made this a story about how this is a make it or break it deal. We are the one’s who have added the hype and hyperbole in the absence of information. So everybody let’s just enjoy the ride. And to those who hate Microsoft and Windows, don’t buy it. Apple and Google are good too. ]


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