It has been ten years since four planes were used to attack the World Trade Tower and the Pentagon. One was diverted by the passengers but crashed in Pennsylvania. So today in solemn ceremonies names were called out in those places were the ones who carried them fell. The family and friends left behind have gathered to remember even though for them the day never truly fades from memory. And people on television, in print, and online will ask, “Where were you?”

To be honest I’m avoiding the coverage of the anniversary, in part because its an emotional thing to take on and also because the coverage seems so false. Like its more about the person telling the story than the event itself. But that is what happens to life changing events, they get packaged with a soundtrack and a plot put on it by the video editor.

But I’m not against people telling about what they fell or saw that day, because that’s what I’m posting. I just lament the way events can be productized.

For me 9/11 was experienced through television. I was 21 and in school. I woke up and turn on the television in my room to the Today show and they were showing the first images. I don’t know why but I thought from the way they’re talking it was a small plane that hit the first tower. Last week some baseball player had done a similar thing. But then I heard what type (By then I’d told my mother who turned on the TV in the living room) and I thought this could be a terrorist act.

Then the second plane hit.

And I went to University of Memphis.

And me and every other student skipped classes and just watched. We watched these two gleaming towers become metal candles and watched scenes of dust blow through New York streets. When the news about the Pentagon hit people were talking about it as a sign of the end times.

I went to one class but all we could talk about was about what was going on. One woman in the class kept saying how she told her kids that if someone was about to shoot the President and they were there, they should take the bullet.

And then I went home. And I was a bit fearful about it because two weeks earlier terrorists bombed a bus in Israel.

Looking back I can say the biggest feeling was confusion. I mean after the Pentagon what was next. I was glued to my Television and the Net for weeks.

And yes there was a sense of solidarity and a want to reach out and touch the one’s responsible. But here we are ten years later.

We went back to being cynical and partisan bickerers. We went to war. We changed. We grew together, then apart.

No one ever truly moves on we just add another layer. We are changed and go on living with the change till another one comes along


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