Steve Jobs’s Resignation: Reaction

Last week the big news was a combination of Google buying Motorola Mobility and HP shutting down WebOS hardware (and wanting out of the consumer PC market). This week the other shoe dropped; Steve Jobs formally resigned as CEO of Apple. To say that people online have had strong reactions is an understatement.

Hey I don’t know what to say either.

Let me say that first, Jobs is not fully leaving Apple. He is asking to become, and most likely will be, Chairman of the Board at Apple. And he will continue to be an Apple employee. So he will still have a say in strategic planning. Readers should also realize that Steve jobs is ill and really should concentrate on his health. I think it is unfair for folks to keep wishing he stay in such a taxing position.

Steve Jobs is one of those people that you wish were in more companies. I’d go so far as to say he is one to be imitated. He has a gift for design and product decisions that are to be envied. He has vision and the ability to see it through. His return to Apple will probably be studied in business schools. He is truly a tech icon.

But I come neither to bury nor praise, but to lay bare a few truths about the situation.

For one thing in the immediate future, Apple has nothing to worry about. Tim Cook has been guiding the company since Steve Jobs left due to illness earlier and is known as a steady hand for the company. The products people have come to know and love are fine. Head of Industrial design Jony Ives is still employed. Most of the people heavily involved with the software are still there. And yes Jobs is still there just not day to day.

The reality is that Jobs is sick, and like anyone who knows how, he has decided to relinquish power. And this change will change the Cupertino computer maker and its products. It will also affect its competitors, for me I hope the better. So while things have changed, things have also largely stayed the same

Good Night and thanks for reading   


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