Hard Tech Truths

You know in light of an Gizmodo post in, which the writers wrote what they felt was too controversial to say (conundrum yes I know). And just the natural rumblings of Internet chatter I thought I post what I think are the things unsaid ideas in tech



Is dead or the way to becoming so. HP may want to license it, but who in they write mind would. The cynic in me thinks the recent fire sale of the HP Touch Pad is a stunt for the benefit of possible suitors “Look here WebOS is really selling” it is now that its being sold at $99. If they weren’t going to fully invest in the platform (bringing in developers, creating a viable ecosystem, and putting out the hardware) why should Samsung or HTC? And as far as WebOS goes, yes the multitasking was innovative and it is polished. But the card metaphor has been copied (Blackberry Playbook) and it has always resembled IOS. So please fans of WebOS stop taking out your anger at HP take it out on the other OSs. Plus one final note to you HP, you should’ve let someone else who would have put in the work buy WebOS


Apple and Google

You know if I were a paranoid Windows/Linux fanboy I would say that the Tech news field is biased toward Apple and Google (that is an IF but just look at the pictures next time they show a group of them). First Apple and Google deserve the praise and numbers they get. Apple is the only true consumer tech company out there right now and Google is good at search. But they suck the air out of the field. Apple has built the first real tech brand (if Nike made computers they’d be like Apple). And they spook the hell out of their competition (ain’t that right HP). And now we are stuck in cycles where we have to here endlessly about iRumor this and iRumor that. We have to hear about the lines and see the fake mockups. I mean my first computer was a Mac but the whole culture around it makes me want to go to the local Apple store and break every shiny metal thing there to pieces.

Google you are now where Microsoft was please get over it.  (‘Nuff said)



I really like you but you get on m nerves. Your partners are openly cheating on you. PC makers are leaving the game. And you had to be near death to come out with something half way decent. If I were you Redmond I would be asking myself some tough questions. Like do we want to stay in the consumer electronics business? Or why didn’t we put out the Courier? Do we need to make a successor to Windows? You know deep sh*t like that. And another thing I like Metro but you need to stay ahead of the curve with it. I mean here is something that is as close to an organic design to come from you and my biggest fear is that you won’t move closer to the UI seen in the 2019 video. I mean Metro as it is now is good but could be so much better. So too with Windows Phone, you need to make sure that these Nokia devices are not just like the ones you have out now (because the ones out now are not that hot).  And you need to get your platform in order; so updates (damn the phone companies), open up the hardware requirements (so the rest no longer have excuses), and get the big names in IOS apps (Instapaper and that one that makes photos purrty). And if your not bringing your A game with Windows 8, stay the hell home.



Stop taking this ish seriously (and I include myself). Steve Jobs doesn’t love you, Larry Paige doesn’t know who the hell you are (unless he googled), and Bill Gates has got better stuff to do (like solve real problems like malaria). You and I going at it only alienates the non-tech person. Please be respectful of other people’s tech choices and keep it good natured (especially Mactards, Fandroids, and them WIndows lovers out there).



Microsoft and Windows is not your enemy (yes Linux I know they may sue about infringements). Symbian fans as powerful as it is, Symbian has issues. MeeGo users this OS was born in part because Intel wanted software to run on its chips. Lastly Linux I like you but its hard to because you feel superior to every user who just wants to use their computer (that’s why we don’t talk).


Michael Dell

If you going to toss stones from a glass house first break out all your own damn glass (its what I do)



Your worst than crack (You are)



I really don’t see why you are so damn profitable or why I need you.



Sorry I made fun of you before I joined


that’s it. thanks for reading


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