A Brief Argument Why Microsoft should Invest in a HP Spinoff

Paul Thurrott says NO

Geek Wire’s Todd Bishop said yes

OSBx’s DaMarico Fowler says Invest


Yes sir. Just like it did with Facebook and a bit like the Nokia deal, Microsoft should make a strategic deal with any HP spinoff. Now this is only on the condition that HP creates a new hardware company out of its Personal Systems Group (PSG) the maker of its PCs, monitors, etc. This deal, to me, is about two things. One, Microsoft should be concerned about the hardware its running on. That the PC or tablet bought is competitive with the latest Apple offerings. Two, to ensure that they have a say in whether we exist in a Post-PC world. Now when this phrase was first used by Apple’s Steve Jobs somebody in closed caption should’ve translated it to mean post-Windows based computers. The news around technology is already saying that the days of the desk top and laptop are dwindling and HP’s announcement didn’t help. So an investment shows a belief on Microsoft’s part in the importance of traditional computing. And doing this allows Microsoft to have a say while maintaining no real control  and thus keep the OEM partner balance.

In addition to those factors there  are other considerations. First Microsoft needs compelling hardware for its software. When the Asus Windows 8 tablet comes out it will resemble the Android version. None of the current hardware partners Redmond have are built to compete with Apple. This is a problem if Redmond intends to stay in the consumer computing arena. Secondly Microsoft would be well served with a PC partner in the same vein as Nokia. Microsoft could benefit from having a partner who is dedicated to making great Windows products. Third it could create a better outlet for Microsoft hardware initiatives. Imagine a Surface 3.0 or 4 that could be on store shelves or a laptop with Microsoft Life Cam installed. Lastly Microsoft needs to invest in a company that wants to become a computer brand for the 21st century. The problem with computer makers is that while they want to be like Apple, they don’t want to put in the work.

Now this is just a suggestion. And it also involves Microsoft making an effort and wanting to be in the consumer side of technology in a serious way.     


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