Being Steve Jobs

Admit it HP, Dell, Acer, Asus, Samsung, Huweii, HTC, and Fusion Garage you want to be Apple. You want that brand name recognition, the lines, and the iconic symbol. That’s why you’ve been investing in new hardware designs and buying the likes of Voodoo, Alienware, and Palm. Its why you create app stores and make your own skins for Android or add little touches to Windows.

And you know what……

I need you to stop it. Your grown ass companies and you need to pull up your pants. You are not Apple. Hell you’re not Microsoft or Google either so stop pretending (especially you over there HTC with your Sense UI).

Apple controls hardware and SOFTWARE. You don’t, you leave that up to Microsoft or Google.

Apple has a view products that they sell. You churn out dozens and you give them prison tags

I wouldn’t have wrote about this if it wasn’t for Monday’s live stream of Fusion Garage premiering its new tablet. It had all the pretense of a Jobs-note but none of the follow through. And it got me thinking okay what are the real lessons PC and Mobile makers need to be taking away from Cupertino that they don’t and what should they be doing if they aren’t design the software?

First here is your reality: 1 You are not Apple

I don’t see no half eating fruit on this thing, do you? While you may employ a Steve Jobs or a Jony Ives, you don’t have the ones that count


2 You don’t make Software

And when you do not well. Also you tend to not copy the UI and duplicate functions built into the software.


3 You are an OEM When you decided to use Windows, Android, or Linux you decided to partner up. That means you need to realize that the person buying the phone or tablet is buying for software and not necessarily hardware


And here are my suggestions

1 You want Brand recognition, that has got to be built

Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither was your competition. Brands need time, good product, and excellence service to build on. PC makers need to think long

2 Control your image

You know where you can begin to change your image; control how you product is displayed. Make sure it’s connected and charged, that it’s a working demo with some of the better apps.

3 Be Product Minded

A Apple product, no matter what feature it is missing, feels like a finished product. The HP Touchpad does not. You want a good well received consumer product. First make it something that doesn’t need updating within the first week. Software being buggy is one thing, hardware is another.

4 Be Design Focused

Jony Ives has slowly over his career made his designs about reinterpreting the design of Dieter Rams, please someone for the love of all that is good gives us something that follows Rams rules but pulls in a different direction. But also remember rule 8…

5 Build for the OS you run

I think this is overlooked by a lot of OEMs. People are buying this thing to run the OS. This is one of the primary problems with windows Phone 7 and Windows in general. Begin with the UI of the OS how can you design something that highlights it, makes it pop.

6 Look for the Cracks

Everybody has holes in their game and Apple does to; primarily around price and things like ports

7 Give it a name, Give it Focus

The PC racket is made up of similar products with no clear, discernable differences and names like STS-35d. They have multiple lines. You want to get notice come out with a few models give them proper product names and focus them on a particular theme or market.

Now there are others but you need to hire me before I reveal those 😉


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