Recently I’ve been reading stories about how Apple intends to perpetuate the Steve Jobs ethos within the confines of Cupertino. They call it Apple University and its goal will be to train employees to think like the Apple CEO. It is an admirable and logical goal; Steve Jobs’s attention to detail and design has made what was formerly known as Macintosh Computers the de facto leader of the Tech World.

But there is a problem with this idea.

How do you teach experience or taste? To me a lot of Jobs’s recent success stems from not just taste but from being fired from Apple in the eighties, from being in the wilderness, from starting and failing at NEXT. Can you bottle that in a 12oz. can or make that a book with a glossary?

And if you can is that a good thing?

What is good for the future of Apple as a company is not necessarily going to come from having a Jobsian mentality. Remember this is the same man that said you only need a one click mouse. And what about the next big thing?

But you know what I’m just a blogger, let me know what you think post below and thank you for reading


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