Designing for the Software



In the battle between PC makers and Apple PC makers compete on price, features, and technology. They create sleek little devices made of various materials that attempt to ascend to the rarified air Jony Ive’s breathes. But one of the areas where they overlook to compete is on being THE device for a optimal Windows experience.

Okay let me explain this. I see a lot of beautiful, powerful laptops and desktops (and smartphones) that run windows software but almost like an afterthought. They spend more time integrating software which goes unused than on being the best possible Windows device.

I think, and this is my humble opinion, is that the first step in trying to at least get recognition for good hardware is that it should be designed with the software in mine. OEMs should have in the back of their minds that the device we buy in the store should be a showcase for whatever OS a user turns on. I thinks this was part of the issue with the HP Touchpad. The material was just to shinny (technical term) and plastic like. I really wonder what would have been reviewer’s reception to the device if it was encased in the soft metal/plastic shell used on the Nook Touch E-reader.

Sometimes I think that some PC makers want to be in Apple’s shoes so much they forget they aren’t Apple. And when they try thy don’t get it right; they use OSX-like icons and templates without really doing a proper job and on systems that users don’t want skinned (and also entirely without help from the makers of the software it runs on top of) like the UI for HP’s Touchsmart applications.

This is why I think that Microsoft should consider making their on devices. And its why I hope that Nokia is serious on delivering a first class Windows Phone device. Its also why with the coming Windows8, PC makers create devices that really reflect the OS and not just be showcase for just hardware 

I mean I love the hardware innovations of PC makers but remember the software.  


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