Days of Endless Revolutions

Disruption and Innovation

These are the oft repeated words used by tech writers, fanboys, and even the companies themselves to describe what they do and how they do it.

Till a few days ago I didn’t know there was theory of disruption, and to be honest for what I’m about to talk I don’t care. I’ll leave a link if you want.

Last week two articles were posted that amounted to the same thing; Apple as a brand is waning.  For one this was a symptom of older tech companies no longer being where the excitement is, where disruption happens. For another Apple’s WWDC was proof of the end of Apple as an innovative force.

Innovation and Disruption

I feel they are the most abused words in technology. I mean what does it mean to be innovative? is it a feature or a service? A new technology? Or just a new way to use tech that has been out there

And disruption? This seems to be the goal of every company. Disrupt X and you are golden. Disruption, disruption, disruption. Makes me wonder if anybody remembers what they learned about the French Revolution.

Sorry I am rambling so let me get to the point.

For the last decade Apple Computer has been the undisputed leader in the tech industry. Or at least the one we talk about.

In 10 years Apple has risen from near bankruptcy to be a force in technology. Its been a disruptive forces; forcing companies that had been leaders scrambling to keep up. Every new feature they put in is gone over in detail. People constantly speculate what they will do next. People wait in anticipation with every new product. But all this inevitably ends; at some point you stop being the new kid.

We have come to the point where Apple has enough mind and market share that it no longer matters what they do. Apple is, especially in smartphones and tablets, the preferred brand for technology.  The words IPod and IPad are almost synonymous with the word smartphone and tablet.

Now their newness is wearing off. Apple has grown to the point that they have to deal with maintaining a platform. They have a consumer base that now includes people outside of the Mac enthusiasts and this base may not be as receptive to Cupertino’s quirks.  I mean outside a camera button, Apple has the hardware side done. This means the game for them has switched to software and, as seen with iCloud, the web. With the reaction from this years  WWDC that one more thing  doesn’t seem to get them like they used to.

What’s happening is inevitable. Apple has been running a sprint in a marathon and is slowing down. Fans and developers are looking to new OS’s. Competitors are getting better at keeping pace. And the Apple brand is loosing that special-ness because of its growing ubiquity.

So Apple here’s your crown, here’s your land, now defend it

Sarah Lacy Yawn: How Did Big Tech Companies Turn into Big Boring Banks?

Violet Blue WWDC 2011: No Innovation From Apple, Developer Discontent



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