Windows8: The Empire Strikes Back

This time last week Leo Laporte’s This Week in Tech talked about the first preview of Windows8. It was a brief spirited conversation between Laporte, John C Dvorak, and Becky Whorley.  Long story short Dvorak decried Win8 for having a Start screen and daring to move the tablet paradigm closer to the desktop. Laporte tried to be a devil’s advocate but came around to Dvorak’s side. Now this would usually not be a story if not for the fact that the conversation carried over to Windows Weekly which Laporte host with Paul Thurrott. There a debate took up most of the episode (and there were supposed to be talking about Apple’s WWDC!). Now add to this the amount of digital ink spilled on the dumbness of Win8 or what does it mean that Microsoft is bringing touch to all forms of PC (All-in-one, tablet PC, and laptops). One thing is clear Windows8 could be a disruptive force when it comes out in 2012. Also it proves that for all the talk of “Remember Microsoft?” is a bit false. The reality is the boys from Redmond are coming and they are bring people with them


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