Since the first public presentation of Windows 8 there has been a lot of questions. What’s the release date? What will devices look like? How is a touch interface gonna work with a mouse and keyboard?

But one of the more serious questions has come from long time Microsoft developers, Where do Silverlight, XNA, WPF, and the .Net framework go?

Now this question was raised as soon as Steven Sinofsky stated that Win8s application framework would be based on HTML5,Java Script, and CSS. These are programs that are run on the web. These tools are also popular with a lot of developers (Particularly to those Microsoft wants to write for their platform).

What hasn’t been said is how  developers using Microsoft’s own programs and frameworks put their wares on Windows 8.

There has been no confirmation about if and how .Net, Silverlight, and WPF will be implemented. This silence has led to eruption of online vitriol about HTML5 and Silverlight.

Now Steven Sinofsky did say that Silverlight would run in the browser, but it has been the utter silence on Silverlight that has been causing online riots for the past days.

This isn’t the first time this has happened, last year former Microsoft chief Bob Muglia made similar ripples by saying Silverlight was being moved away primary application focus. Then they stated that both HTML5 and Silverlight would have places in the application framework.

Now if Microsoft is smart they need to do it again.

I believe HTML5 has a place but so do Silverlight and .Net. It would not take more than a blog post or video on Channel 9 to make Microsoft’s intentions clear. Not doing so is harming them with a community that is there base.

This base are the ones who come to MIX, who write the few touch applications on Windws 7, and the ones writing applications and games for Windows Phone. They deserve better than silence. And Microsoft should not be looking for trouble.

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