The Day After Tomorrow

So the vote to surrender has occurred and it passed by a vote of 2 to1.

And the world did not blown up. Students in the the City and County went to the same school that they did the day before. And in those classrooms, they saw the same teachers and principals they always have. But the city of Memphis has changed.

However there are factors which may try to spoil the merger before it begins. First is who will make up the consolidation committee. At this time the County and City school systems along with County mayor Mark Luttrel can name members; but not Memphis Mayor AC Wharton. There is also the statements coming from the Lt. Governor Ron Ramsey who the state to run MCS until the 2013 deadline.

There are also legal issues to overcome. The Memphis City school board and council are still fighting over money owed to MCS by the council. Also a number of litigants will be going to court to overturn the matter among them are the SCLC and various parties in the County. And the big one one is the Norris-Todd bill which would effectively make the vote a moot point by allowing County cities to make their own special school districts.

I’m sorry, I should point out this bill was pushed specifically to affect Shelby County. From my understanding Tennessee has never wanted to have special districts; many schools are controlled by the County.

I’m not trying to be paranoid but why is in conservative, “state”s rights”, and red blooded Tennessee; the votes of the local population not respected by people who are representatives?

This wasn’t a vote by the city of Memphis for a state takeover; it was about consolidating. We felt we needed a change by making one system. And for the Lt. Governor’s information, the Education department has said they don’t think the State would be able to take us over.

So you need to head the flag that says, “Don’t Tread on Me” and keep yourself east.

Now we have to move on to the next chapter. This will include lawsuits on all sides; including MCS against the Memphis City Council, the SCLC  against the whole matter, and even the County School board against the County government.


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