Get On the Bus

I love my city but sometimes I really hate its ways. We tear down things we should cherish. We let wither what should be tendered and grown. And we never have the discussions we should have.

Tomorrow, the people of Memphis will vote on whether to surrender the Memphis City School charter. If it passes, MCS will be folded into the Shelby County school system.

The reason we are having this vote are numerous. Most of the reasons deal with the various machinations of parties in the City and County government. And all of it revolves around one issue; consolidation.




Consolidation a word meaning to connect smaller entities to make larger ones. Depending on where you are in this city its either the mark of the blessed or damned.

I really don’t know where to begin. Do I talk about the annexation of Frayser and Hickory Hill; the vote last year on consolidation; the continuous flight of the upwardly mobile further and further into Tennessee; or the fact that race is still a factor in how things are done in the Bluff city?

Of issue here is the fact that the Shelby County board want to have special status, preventing any type of consolidated school system. To which members of MCS called their bluff by putting up the charter surrender.

I know I should list the particular points of each side and objectively analyze them for you the reader,but I’m not.

What I will say is that as a county and a city, we in Memphis need to have a frank discussion about our future. About how do we build this city. About how do we bring jobs here. And yes how do we educate our children.

I believe that our future is in some form of metro government. We can’t keep functioning in a situation where the majority of middle and upper class workers come in from outside the city limits to work, go home, and don’t contribute.

To this citizen tomorrow’s vote isn’t about the failure of MCS or successes of the County. It is about how we can create a stronger system for our children. Its about moving in a direction that’s hopefully good for us all. And it’s about tearing down the wall that separate two school systems that share the same building.

Below are links to learn more

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