Shaking the Tree: Nokia, Microsoft, HP and the Changing Computer Landscape

On Feb. 11, Nokia and Microsoft announced a strategic partnership. The partnership would bring Windows Phone to Nokia Hardware and Nokia would help build up the Phone’s Marketplace.

The reaction I’ve seen from the various Nokia centric blogs has been mixed but with most pissed at the idea of Nokia not continuing Symbian or doubling down on MeeGo, the joint platform created with Intel.  I think what everybody is failing to notice is that there is going to be a big shakeup in mobile, and Nokia is trying its best to survive the first quake.

credit Nokia

credit Nokia

Here is how I see it:

In 2007, Apple launches the IOS platform, first with the IPhone. The market leaders balked at the device but it goes on to be the device most associated with smartphones. Apple is then joined by Google which launches the Android platform two years later creating the first credible alternative to IOS. It’s since become the de facto platform for mobile and computer manufactures looking to get into the smartphone market. Android is essentially becoming the Microsoft of mobile in all but name.

And it has been these two systems, Android and IOS, which led to the union between Espoo and Redmond. And it’s their existence that’s shaking up the future of what is called mobile computing.

It’s becoming increasingly clear that the phone world will look like the PC world. Two warring factions waging a Cold War, but instead of Windows it will Be Android as the Legion versus the Apple monolith. This is what I think Nokia sees, a lot of carriers see, and what is missed by a lot of us tech enthusiast.

A lot of the players outside of this bipolar mobile world, the Nokia’s and the Microsoft’s and the Palms, spent the previous period creating and selling software so that others couldn’t win the market. And for that they were surpassed.

Now Palm is part of HP hopping to become a factor. Microsoft pulled a hard reboot. And Nokia had to join forces with someone they fought against in the past to have a chance at the future.

Now all is left is the execution.


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