Dwayne McDuffie

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Dwayne Mcduffie by Denys Cowan

Dwayne Mcduffie by Denys Cowan

It’s been about a few days since it was announced that comic and TV writer Dwayne McDuffie died. And I thought I would add my voice to the many who have eulogized him.

I know a lot of obits will say he openend up comics and cartoons to more diverse characters; and he did. But very few say how good a writer he was.

And he was solid.

Some writers our good at plot, some our good at action, and others at keeping the continuity all straight. McDuffie was god at all this. Dwayne McDuffie was one of the few SOLID comics writers. He could and did handle almost every big name comics character at both DC and Marvel.

My actual first exposure to him was not a book he wrote but in those mini Marvel Bullpen profiles back in the day. I can’t tell you how mind warping it was to see a Black doing something I wanted to do.

But my real encounter with his work was Milestone. I can probably blame him for my eventual divorce from the X-Men thanks to Blood Syndicate, but I can also thank him for creating a world that reflected a part of my own. For giving life to a nerd like me that did not stoop to Steve Urkel levels. For creating a character like Rocket, that went against every stereotype about Black girls, especially teen mothers.

I’m going to keep this short, his friends and family and others have said it so much better than me. So let me say thank you and travel well.


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