The (Possible) Trouble with Android

Google’s Android is the fastest growing mobile operating system according to any number of analysts.

At this years Consumer Ekectronics Show, Android was running on more than half the gadgets, tablets, and phones.

In a decade in which we saw the rise of the IPhone, we may be looking at the age of the little geen robot.

That is if Oracle doesn’t throw a very large elbow.

You see Google didn’t create Android; instead they bought Android, Inc. and built the platform up. Between 2005 when, Android Inc. was bought and until now, the OS has built itself into a major mobile presense. It has resucitated the mobile fortunes of Motorola and made HTC a name brand.

It’s an attractive alternative to Microsoft’s Windows. Android is free, except for rights to run the Android Marketplace, and computer makers can skin the interface to suit its needs. If there’s one potental issue for the platform its JAVA.

JAVA is a program language developed by Sun Microsystems. Sun open sourced Java and meant it to compete against languages such as C#. Java is the foundation on which Android is built. When Sun was bought by Oracle, Oracle began talking about bringing possible litigation against Google and Android handset makers in regards to Java . Today may have been the start of the actual fight.

FOSS (Free and Open Source Software) advocate Florian Mueller  published material about possible copyright infringement. What followed has been a cyber pissing match over whether the code in Android’s stack was copyrighted Java. The following are some of the articles covering this dustup. Pay close attention to the comments section, the meltdown

Florian Mueller of Foss Patents

Nilay Patel of Engaget

Ryan Paul of ArsTechnica

Ed Burnette of ZDNet

Ed Bott of ZDNet;search-results-river


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