Steve Jobs Sneezes and the Tech Industry Catches a Cold

Courtesy TechCrunchSteve Jobs recently stated he was leaving his role as CEO of Apple Computers fr medical reasons. As many know he has been ill before and had transplant surgery two years ago.

Now what’s odd is not the fact that he’s sick or that he took a leave of absense. What’s odd is how some tech pundits and blogs have reacted.

There are the articles about who will run Apple while he’s gone. Then there are the ones pondering what will Apple do if Jobs doesn’t return. Then there are the view crazy ones, which appeared in of all places PBS’s News Hour, that the tech industry will die or stagnate without the presence of Jobs’s shadow.

Now I will keep this brief,  Apple is one of the three biggest software companies. It is one of at least 10 computer manurfacturing companies on earth.

Yes Apple is the standard bearer in computers. And yes, Steve Jobs brings a keen sense of design and choice to technology. But if you pause because of one man, maybe you need to get out of the business. And I think this type of thinking is serious issue inside tech circles. Consumer technology and the press and thinking around it seems to always concentrate on personality; something I do too from time to time.

However, I think we should also realize that a business will and must not be tied to one person. At some point in time, Apple will have to exist without Jobs in the chair, and that time could be now.

Here are a few articles you may want to read.


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