Being Human (SyFy)

Being Human's Syfy Cast Sam Huntington, Meaghan Rath, and Sam Witwer

[This is a first reaction and is filled with Spoilers, so if you don’t want to know do not read further. Also, I will be talking about both versions so stop bitching about me not giving this show a chance this is just a review]

Last night SyFy premiered the Americanized version of Being Human. Being Human, for the uninitiated, is the story of three roomates living in a house ( in this case a Brownstone in Boston). They also happen to be a vampire, a werewolf, and a ghost. The said roomates are Josh (Sam Huntington), Aiden (Sam Witwer),Sally (Meaghan Rath).  So it’s totally like Three’s Company ( if you made Jack Tripper someone to be avoided around a Full Moon).

It’s really hard to not look at this and not compare it to the British version. First off, it’s following the UK pilot closely, albeit much slower in parts. The US version is building up the characters individually and their world. And I think it does so at the detriment of the three main characters. Aiden and Josh don’t feel like they’ve known each other for long. And Sally feels like a third wheel.

Sam Huntington’s Josh  bit of a prick; with a tendency to be in infinite pity party mode. I think he is supposed to be snarky and sarcastic but it doesn’t come off well. They added an outside element to his character by adding a sister (Allison Louder).

Witwer as Aiden is decent, but I buy into his character more when he’s getting his drink on, than trying to be a repentant vampire.

Sally (Rath), to be honest, I don’t know what there going for with her. She was really pushing it with the manic talking and bubbly happy face. I also get the feeling she may end up the biracial version of the Manic pixie dream girl.

Mark Pellegrino as Bishop makes a good first impression. In his few scenes, sells his character and his relationship with Aiden . Not too menacing, but not too nice. And his scenes with Witwer really bring out Aiden as a character. People, Jacob is evil and needs a haircut.

Now I don’t hate the new Being Human, the pilot was well shot and had some great music. The opening scene really set up Huntington and Witwer’s characters. The ending was also nice. I think having Josh’s sister involved sets it apart from its UK predecessor.

And to close a video for Being Human UK which will soon begin Series 3 this year


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